Selasa, 05 Agustus 2008

my opinion about Poltekkes Tasikmalaya

I think it was a great experiences that we ever had in Poltekkes Tasikmalaya, first time when we entered this campus we felt discomfort but when we already knew a lot of friends there, so this cases made so different that we already felt before!!!!!a lot of story that we already made, specially we made in our Dormitory, it was about Love, Friendship, and how to make the relationship between each others. and for me it was great when i knew about my 39 persons, and i knew about their behaviour, their act, their smlie, sadness, and many others. so it was amazing for my self. and the unforgetable moment its when we were a nurses, we all together graduated from this campus. on the other hand we felt sad, because after these we have to far away from our friends but these the reality.

actually until now we all together still in our relationship as a 40th brothers and sisters, we will not forgoten all of moment that we already made for. so this is our life, we have to survive and still stand in our belieave that sometimes we promise we will meet and stay together again in some moment.

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